Compassion for Blind Ignorance

Republican politicians and lawmakers take funds from education, because they believe education isn’t necessary. That’s a very disparaging remark coming from the United States Congress, one of the largest groups of college graduates. College may not be important, but the option to attend is. However, what few people realize is that we had tuition free colleges pre-Vietnam war. In the meantime, they're taking funds early childhood development and public schools. How will we keep from repeating history if no one is there to teach it? Under the guise of a public education is inefficient, they slowly pick apart school programs targeted in poorer neighborhoods. Not just inner cities, but rural areas as well. Rethink education. What needs to change is the way we educate our children, and not just THAT we educate our children. Standard Testing can be a tool used to gauge where children need extra support. Standardized testing is a good measuring stick, but shouldn’t be the sole basis of the conclusions to cut costs. There are certain subjects that all citizens of the United States should have a basic knowledge of. History, for starters. We all learn differently, and learning centers should be geared to allow children to find out how they learn, and cater to that. While some of us learn through textbooks, others pick up on things better through visual aids and hands on experience. Most of us really thrive from implementing all three. Education is investment into our future, and doesn’t it make sense to have all the advantages to prepare for it? instead of simply going with cheap labor out of the country there would be more businesses creating new flows of economy, Yes, an economy that works for every citizen, future citizen, immigrant, and refugee here on our soil. That is for the best interest of the United States, despite what your more vocal politicians have brainwashed you from conceiving.