All Lives Shattered

All Lives Matter, I'm just curious as to where you are during the health care debate, or when there was no conviction in the murder of Philando Castile? That's what I'd call "selectivism". You'd figure that a movement named "All Lives Matter" would have some great input on health care, if by name only.However, completely silent.

How quickly they formed after Black Lives Matter, almost as a hypocritical counter movement. Then, along came Blue Lives matter. Anything but White Lives Matter, in an attempt to be socially aware and condescending.

So that we are perfectly clear, just because you believe that keeping your mouths shut is the way you would handle social injustice does not give you permission to try and silence us.

You can't come out when an issue makes you uncomfortable, only to attempt to just make it go away quickly and quietly. You can either join us in voicing out the many injustices against citizens of the United States, or you can follow your own advice and keep your mouths shut.

But, you can't do both.

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