Christopher S.

I’ve been writing sense I could pick up a pencil, and have a  life of experience that allows me to see, and tell a story from  different vantage points. I can see other views without having to  agree with, or disrespect them.   I’ve been paying attention,  researching, being aware, and equipped an everlasting desire to  uncover and spread the truth.

For most of my early adulthood, I believed that social injustices were  both common and inevitable. Relations with our fellow citizens,  regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, weren’t meant to  be better. Wages weren’t meant to get better. We were just meant to  argue for the drippings that have trickled downward like the last few  drops of piss before the shake and squeeze.  We were destined to have  distrust for our fellow United States citizens because the ultra  wealthy bought and paid for the cycles to continue.  It wasn’t until I  was in my 30’s that I realized I had a distinctive voice in all of this.

We have become too complacent as a United States society. We have  accepted that our political, economic, and justice system has been  corrupted by self-serving, greedy corporate leeches that have duped us  into believing that they’re there to serve the best interest for the  majority of United States citizens.  They do not, and the sooner we  stop making excuses for them to not pay a livable wage and provide  proper benefits, then sooner we can move forward.

“With Christ-like love and compassion in his heart, he emerges from a  deep hollow wielding knowledge and skills of many worlds and dimensions”
Translation of Christopher Pittman Smith

I use humor and unique word-“Smith”-ing to spark debate and conversation.

EVERYONE should receive healthcare without going into debt.

EVERYONE should receive a decent education, if desired, without going  into debt.

EVERYONE who is willing to work at least 36 hours a week should earn a  living wage and not live in poverty.

EVERYONE should have the right to vote, and their vote should count.

My purpose is to be one to shine a light throughout this apparent  darkness, and together, come up with the real solutions that our  “bought and paid for electorate” seem to drag their feet on. I believe  that ALL citizens deserve to have the same rights observed…PERIOD.  There is little room exception.  If, what someone is doing doesn’t  pose immediate harm to himself or others around him, then that is true  freedom.