All Lives Shattered

All Lives Matter, I'm just curious as to where you are during the health care debate, or when there was no conviction in the murder of Philando Castile? That's what I'd call "selectivism". You'd figure that a movement named "All Lives Matter" would have some great input on health care, if by name only.However, completely silent.

Black, in Back

In an interview with Talk1300 radio show in New York on April 14, 2011, Donald Trump was quoted as saying "I love the blacks. I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks.” The seed for Politically Direct’s first shirt had been planted.


If President Obama spent his early morning hours tweeting insults to all the haters, I suppose that I would be writing a completely different article. It appears that, at least for the foreseeable future, that decorum and respect for opposition has been put in the rear view mirror.  If there is one thing that President Donald J. Trump has “repealed and replaced”, it’s respect for those you don’t agree with.


It didn’t matter if it was the subject of his birth origins or his policies.  President Obama  handled criticism and opposition with self control and grace.  Even as we would enter the worst recession in 70 years, Obama would pivot from blaming the previous administration onto what to do moving forward. Even though he was disrespected on a number of occasions...


Whether it was Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer finger wagging him as he got off of Air Force one,



Or Congressman Joe Walsh announced on national television that he would not attend the president’s speech on September 8, 2011.

Or Rep Joe Wilson from SC screaming “You’re a liar” during a joint session with Congress,

Or Mitch McConnell saying that their priority to make Obama a one term president,

Or The cover of the New Yorker with Barack Obama dressed in Muslim attire while depicting Michelle as a gun toting militant.



Or Rep. Doug Lamborn referred to him as a “tar baby” during a debate over the debt ceiling,

 Or The leader of the House Republicans invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint meeting of congress without consulting President Obama,

 Or Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that Obama pretended to be normal, but was in “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior” and would later call him the “food stamp” president,

Or actor Scott Baio suggesting that President Obama was a Muslim who wanted to “totally eliminate the United States

Or singer/musician Ted Nugent saying “he can suck on my machine gun”

Or Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Orange County Republican central committee, sent the e-mail on Friday. The "family photo" features the commander-in-chief as a baby chimpanzee with two chimp parents, along with the offensive image was the tagline "Now you know why -- No birth certificate."  

Obama diss 2.jpg

Or Donald Trump, the current President, even fueled the “birther” conspiracy as the media assisted as well as insulting his work ethic, even though Obama took less vacation days than his predecessor.  Does anyone remember showing his long form birth certificate?  Did Trump have to show his?

No matter how someone came after President Obama, it was always handled with class and dignity.

However, the days of poise, and stateliness has been exchanged for verbal bullying, irresponsibility, and uninformed incoherent nonsense being spewed via Presidential Tweets. Degrading women, persons with disabilities, minorities, and anyone else that disagrees with you has now become the new definition of “leadership”.  Blaming others and avoiding taking responsibility for ineffective results has become the current meaning of good business management.

Over the years, from private citizen to President, Trump has engaged in Twitter rants and battles like a jilted ex-girlfriend.  Even going so far as to mock journalist Serge Kovaleski, who is living with arthrogryposis (a congenital medical condition where some of the joints don’t move as fluidly as other joints, as if they are stuck in position). It saddens me that his defenders believe this is presidential, and that our country should lead with cowardice barbs and paltriness.

I have already mentioned him going after President Obama and journalist Serge Kovaleski, and here are a few more notable names to list.

Snoop Dogg, Meryl Streep, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alec Baldwin, the entire cast of “Hamilton”, Samuel L. Jackson, JK Rowling, Stephen King, Katie Couric, CNN, Meghan McCain, Willie Geist, Nicole Wallace, Anderson Cooper, Molly Sims, Neil Young, John Oliver, Paulina Vega, Ronda Rousey, Russell Brand, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, Danny Zuker, Jerry Seinfeld, Cher, Kristen Stewart, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Maher, Deadspin, Alan Sugar, Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Barbara Walters, Bette Midler, Michelle Malkin, Salon, Vanity Fair, Jon Stewart, Seth Meyers, Bill Cosby, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Robert DeNiro, Lawrence O’Donnell, The Today Show, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Jay Leno, Ebola volunteers, Neil Patrick Harris, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, John Legere, Mac Miller, AB Foundation, Nordstroms, Rep. John Lewis, John McCain, Rep. Thomas Massie, Chelsea Handler, Disney, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, Chrissy Teigen, Jeb Bush, Sen. Jeff Flake, AG Jeff Sessions, Kathy Griffin, Megan Kelly, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Joy Behar, Marlee Matlin and Woody Johnson.

Don’t take my word for it

Presidential isn’t going on Twitter tirades when someone hurts your feelings.  You’re confusing “presidential” with “pettiness”.  

Comfort, Control, and Confidentiality

It’s a lot to process, however, it gets to the root of the issue with racism in the United States.  This affects every man, woman, and child of all faiths and skin tones, whether you want it to or not. However, if you stick with me through this, there are some very strong words of encouragement at the end.

Obstruction of Justice League...Part 1

Coined by late night show host, Stephen Colbert, this is the nickname for the Special Council to investigate President Trump and his campaigns possible illegal contact with Russian oligarchs. What started out as the administrations “nothing to see here” rhetoric has sparked into, well, there’s a lot to see here.

After of nearly a year of deflect and deny, we have indIsputable proof that members of Trump’s campaign met with at least five members of the Russian government in an effort to gather dirt on his opponent, Hillary Rodham-Clinton. When thinking about it, it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. “A Russian lobbyist, lawyer, and spy walk into Trump Tower…”