From the Editor

Mike C: artist, curator, writer

My idea to create this shirt and apparel line actually started as a joke...

During the 2016 presidential nominations, a couple of friends and I were talking about how “a certain candidate” was bragging about how “the blacks loved him” and, in return, “he loved the blacks.”  At some point during our morning recap of the ridiculousness we witnessed, I jokingly stated that I would design a shirt with the words, “I <3 the Blacks” on it.  They immediately said they would proudly buy and wear it if I designed it.  In my mind, I was like, “…bet…”

Being a person who doesn’t do things simply, I incorporated my interests in politics and social issues with my love of design, art, and writing.  Knowing that I had the potential for greater impact if my ideas were accompanied by even more creative minds, I went steps further to create a platform where others, driven by important issues, could have a forum to express themselves.  A place where, a few words were not just slapped on a shirt or hat, but the message could be discussed amongst others and meaningful engagement could take place around the product.

 I want people to come away with a deep sense of connection to what they’re wearing; to become more informed and more engaged when they put on a Politically Direct design; to ultimately become agents for positive change.

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